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Hello, my name is Eric and this is my industrial and manufacturing blog. So many people seem to sit around using amazing products without stopping to think about where they came from. I know this because I used to be one of those people. However, all that changed when I visited my friend Steve. He is the general manager of a company which produces all kinds of cool goods. Steve invited me to his factory and production plant and I spent a few days there hanging out and learning all kinds of cool stuff. Since then I have been learning all I can about this topic.

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3 Advantages of Using Pallet Cages for Your Warehousing Requirements

Pallet cages or stillages are some of the most versatile storage solutions for your warehousing and logistical operations. Investing in the ideal tools for storage and transportation helps minimise excessive wastage and spoilage of products. Pallet cages are a little different from conventional pallets. Ideally, they feature a caged enclosure and a durable bottom designed from pallets. This multi-functional accessory offers numerous benefits to your warehousing processes, including: 

Enhanced Storage Safety 

How safe are your stored products in your warehouse? With the increased chain of warehousing regulations, you don't want to get caught up in scenarios that lead to liabilities. Therefore, it's imperative to invest in cage pallets with varying sizes, sides and heights to accommodate your goods. The ideal structure ensures that items inside retain their shape and quality during storage and transportation. Most cage pallets feature sturdy steel frames to withstand extreme pressure and weight. The cage pallet frames will also help prevent goods from falling off the pallet during transportation. 

Excellent Durability

Pallet cages are some of the most cost-effective storage options for your warehouse because of their excellent durability. They come in various materials, including wood, metal and plastic. Depending on the durability level required, each option offers unique advantages to your warehousing needs. Metallic cage pallets are designed from galvanised steel to withstand rusting and corrosion. On the other hand, wooden stillages are made from hardwood timber. If you require lightweight durability and storage, you can invest in plastic or PVC cage pallets. 

Improved Warehouse Organisation

The versatility of pallet cages allows them to be used in various applications when you need to organise your inventory effectively. They are essential when receiving, dispatching or storing your goods. Steel mesh cage pallets offer enhanced visibility without compromising product quality, safety or security. Besides, they allow you to arrange your inventory uniformly, saving more storage space. The in-built fork pockets allow quicker and easier movement of pallets using a pallet jack or forklift. 

Additionally, you enjoy more flexibility regarding the storage technique and location. That's because they are designed to be used in either pallet racking systems or stand-alone storage cages. You can organise your stock in a way that satisfies your operational demands. 

Generally, cage pallets offer numerous advantages to your warehousing operations, including the three discussed above. You can work with a reputable cage pallet manufacturer for custom solutions to meet your unique warehouse requirements at an affordable cost. 

For more information about pallet cages, contact a local company.