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Hello, my name is Eric and this is my industrial and manufacturing blog. So many people seem to sit around using amazing products without stopping to think about where they came from. I know this because I used to be one of those people. However, all that changed when I visited my friend Steve. He is the general manager of a company which produces all kinds of cool goods. Steve invited me to his factory and production plant and I spent a few days there hanging out and learning all kinds of cool stuff. Since then I have been learning all I can about this topic.

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Heavy Duty Aluminium Trays - A Choice You Won't Regret

Ute trays are installed at the back of ute trucks for the purpose of transporting goods and also simply for recreation purposes such as a weekend away camping. 

Ute trays are available in stainless steel, steel and aluminium, these are located at the back of a ute chassis. Most retailers of ute trays will have three classes available: standard, premium and custom. Additionally, you will also get extras including hardware and toolboxes. Trays can be custom fabricated using the material of your choice and according to your particular specifications (according to the model and make of ute). After the fabrication process is completed, these trays are shot blasted and finally coated with a top coat.  

Heavy Duty Aluminium Trays -- superior to other types

Most retailers will give you the luxury of a team of designers constantly in touch with you to deliver your preferred ute tray. The final design will be fitted onto your vehicle usually in one working day. In addition to this, retailers offer a lifetime guarantee for repairs.

Heavy duty aluminum trays are stronger and longer lasting than the other types and less prone to rusting. In addition to this, aluminium trays are lightweight in comparison to steel trays. This means that you will be driving your vehicle with a smaller load resulting in less damage to your undercarriage. Moreover, the advantage of using a lighter tray is that the weight deficit can be made up packing on more cargo. 

Another factor for consideration is exposure to moisture as you drive along your route. You may be regularly passing through puddles, swamp regions, beaches or rain. Additionally, you could be driving a lot during winter. This exposure to moisture means you need to consider damage to your vehicle from rust. Bolts and rivets are mostly made from stainless steel, which is prone to rust. Aluminium trays have the advantage of being less prone to rust than other types of trays meaning your vehicle will be safe from being damaged through oxidation. 

Superior grade heavy duty aluminum trays offer all these advantages. You may have to spend a little extra, however, in the long run, you will have a quality ute tray for your needs. 

In the end, the decision of the choice of tray for your ute is up to you; however, be sure to consider your load requirements, level of exposure to moisture, budget and also whether your ute is being used for recreational or work purposes.